Welcome to Red Twill Cottage! At the time of this writing, Red Twill Cottage has yet to be. I am in the process of finding home. Before I launch into what that is all about, I will give a brief backstory of who I am and how I got to this point in time.

My name is Renee Delight. I am an artist, musician, veganic gardener, tinkerer, maker, and lover of Truth and Beauty. This past year has marked several major changes in my life. It has seen a sudden end to my marriage of thirty five years, heartbreak, a house restored and sold, a cargo trailer converted to live in, a move out of a cargo trailer to a small apartment in a different town, a pandemic, great and painful social change, all hand in hand with a lot of personal healing.

I have grown this past year, in leaps and bounds. A year like this can make you or break you. I am hoping it has made me. Made me strong, made me loving, made me grateful, made me compassionate, and made me hopeful in the face of the dark clouds gathering on the horizon.

I have big dreams. Dreams of home, a sustainable lifestyle, permaculture, and, as always, my art. This blog will be about this journey to home. At the moment, I am in the process of finding a home to buy. I have a tiny budget and a lot of DIY renovation skills.

What am I looking for? A small house with a big yard, preferably between a quarter and up to five acres. With my budget, it will most likely be on the smaller end of that range. The house needs to be in good enough shape to pass the bank loan terms and conditions.

What am I really looking for? A place to transform. I would love to build a cob house but am not in a position, yet, to pull that off. I can sustainably recycle a house though. I want a yard to grow food and habitat using veganic and permaculture principles. I want to not only live and learn, but teach a new more sustainable way to live. As a species, we humans need a new story, a new vision, if we are going to survive on this changing planet. I want to work with Mother Earth, and learn to listen.

I don’t know what this will look like. I do have a few ideas and I will be sharing them here, along with my journey.

The beautiful dog in the picture for this post is my dog Twill. She passed away a few years ago. I miss her more than ever. She was there for me through so many good and challenging times. It is fitting my future house carries her name. I hope to bring another dog into my life too as soon as I am able.

If you have read this far, thank you! I will be starting a lot of conversations. What is your idea of living sustainably? Not easy to answer and the answer might be long but, I am curious…

Finding Home

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