Finding Home: Take 2

My lunch spot at an Olympic Peninsula Beach

I am back from a small journey to pave the way for a move. My plans are shifting a bit in part due to the glitch I mentioned in my previous post, and, in part to the turbulent times we are living in now. I drove up to Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula to have a good solid look around and get an idea what is going on in the area locally. Zillow can only take you so far!

This was a relatively quick trip of 3 nights. I wish I had time to visit the many friends I have in the area but since the onset of the COVID pandemic and social distancing, it might not have been a good idea. Since I drove my own car, wore a mask whenever I needed to be around people, was strict about socially distancing, washed my hands, and disinfected surfaces often, I was as safe as I could be under the circumstances. I am looking forward to reconnecting with friends once I am resettled.

I am moving back to Washington State this fall! At least, that is my plan. I had hoped to purchase a house but that didn’t work out for now. I may be able to try again in the fall. At the moment, I will be looking for a small house to rent, preferably one with a yard.

I do know that I would like to buy a bit of land. I am hoping to buy at least an acre and build a cob house. That has really been part of my dream all along. There is a lot that needs to happen and, as I mentioned above, the world and the U.S. is a bit chaotic at the moment. One step at a time!

It will take a lot of time and effort to get my life back on track after the major setback of this past year. I am determined to do just that.

I think many of us realize that there are many events happening in the world right now with big changes ahead for humanity. We need a new mythic story of how we live in this world if we are to survive and thrive along with the rich and diverse life that lives in this world with us, and even within us. This is part of my vision for my future.

I will be posting more as events unfold.

Yours in truth and beauty,


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